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PET - polyesterske plošče


lumex_03 HIPEX® A is the newest brand on the market for premium quality amorphous polyethylen terephthalate (A-PET ). It is the best choice for flat and arched applications. HIPEX® A shows extremely good printability with UV curing inks and is fire rated ‚difficult-to-ignite‘ as well as approved for direct food contact. Moreover, it is extremely impact resistant and shows excellent outdoor durability.

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Protective Film
On botH sides
(upper side: transparent, printed / lower side: transparent, unprinted)

Flexible poster covers
Printed translucent signs
Small to medium sized displays
Slatwall magazine racks
Cold food storage elements
Protective glazing for machinery

At a glance

HIPEX® A sheets offer a unique combination of excellent properties and occupy and unrivalled ecological position amongst fully transparent and translucent sheet materials.

100% recyclable within its own waste category
Tough and hard with high impact strength also at sub-zero temperatures down to -20°C
Impeccable optical properties with a light transmission of nearly 90% for non-tinted types
Good outdoor durability up to 4 years even for standard types
Approved by FDA/BGA for direct contact with foodstuff and medical applications
Flame retardant rated ‘difficult-to-ignite’
Very high chemical resistance against cleaning agents, mineral oils, solvents
Easy and fast to convert – cold bending possible up to 3 mm thickness
Good printability thanks to optimal adhesion of UV curing inks
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Vivak®. The Plastic Sheets for Thermoforming.

The Vivak® brand - versatile co-polyester sheets for a wide range of applications - combines superior thermoforming properties with excellent mechanical properties. Vivak® therefore offers designers a high degree of freedom for realizing intricate transparent shapes.
The application spectrum of this universal material ranges from industry to visual communication - displays, vending machines, shop fittings - through to the field of medicine. Here, Vivak® is used for the manufacture of artificial limbs and special appliances, for example.

The Advantages:

wide freedom of design
high productivity: extremely easy processing at low temperatures = shorter cycle times
high break resistance
compatibility with foodstuffs
good printability
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HIPEX® G is the newest brand on the market for premium quality modified polyethylen terephthalate (PET-G). HIPEX® G is the best choice for thermoforming and hot line bending applications. HIPEX® G sheets are flame retardant rated ‘difficult-to-ignite’, approved for direct food contact and show good impact resistance. They are also excellent to print with UV curing inks and fast, convenient to convert.

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