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PET - polyesterske plošče


lumex-slide-2 HIPEX® G is the newest brand on the market for premium quality modified polyethylen terephthalate (PET-G). HIPEX® G is the best choice for thermoforming and hot line bending applications. HIPEX® G sheets are flame retardant rated ‘difficult-to-ignite’, approved for direct food contact and show good impact resistance. They are also excellent to print with UV curing inks and fast, convenient to convert.

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Protective Film
On both sides
(upper side: transparent, printed / lower side: transparent, unprinted)

Thermoformed fronts for vending machines
Vacuum-formed trays for storage and manufacturing
Medical appliances
Retro-printed translucent signs
Three-dimensional POS/POP items

At a glance

HIPEX® G sheets feature enhanced thermoforming capabilities as they don’t crystallize. Vacuumforming can be done without pre-drying and signifi cantly shorter than the usual cycle times. Extremely high contour accuracy can be obtained at lower temperatures compared to traditional transparent materials.

Enhanced thermoforming capabilities with shorter than usual cicle times
Doesn’t require pre-drying – massive energy savings
Simplified bonding with solvent based adhesives
Good resistance against breakage at low temperatures
Weatherability up to 3 years even for standard types
Approved by FDA/BGA for direct contact with foodstuff and medical applications
Flame retardant rated ‘difficult-to-ignite’
Good to print with UV curing inks
Available also in widths of 2050 mm down to 1 mm thickness
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Vivak®. The Plastic Sheets for Thermoforming.

The Vivak® brand - versatile co-polyester sheets for a wide range of applications - combines superior thermoforming properties with excellent mechanical properties. Vivak® therefore offers designers a high degree of freedom for realizing intricate transparent shapes.
The application spectrum of this universal material ranges from industry to visual communication - displays, vending machines, shop fittings - through to the field of medicine. Here, Vivak® is used for the manufacture of artificial limbs and special appliances, for example.

The Advantages:

wide freedom of design
high productivity: extremely easy processing at low temperatures = shorter cycle times
high break resistance
compatibility with foodstuffs
good printability
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HIPEX® A is the newest brand on the market for premium quality amorphous polyethylen terephthalate (A-PET ). It is the best choice for flat and arched applications. HIPEX® A shows extremely good printability with UV curing inks and is fire rated ‚difficult-to-ignite‘ as well as approved for direct food contact. Moreover, it is extremely impact resistant and shows excellent outdoor durability.

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