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Ej-640-Content-Image_Naslovna The New SOLJET EJ-640

Large Format Digital Printer: Crank up Productivity, Volume and Quality. Cut Costs Dramatically.

                         *Photo: EJ-640 with optional heater and blower

A busy, high-volume print shop needs never-say-die people, and a printer that can deliver quality output at high speeds. Meet the new EJ-640 large format digital printer. With dual staggered print heads and a rigid new industrial design, productivity and quality are built in.

So are big-time savings.

The EJ-640 runs with new Roland DG EJ INKs, which are available in 4 or 7 colors and 1-liter cartridges at dramatically reduced costs. The result? High-volume, low-maintenance printing and bold, exciting colors with higher profit margins.

Demand is high, business is cranking, so everyone and everything has to be clicking. The EJ-640 is your go-to large format digital printer for high quality, volume output of wall and vehicle wraps, posters, banners and indoor and outdoor signs. And with an integrated tri-heater system, advanced media handling, perfected pinch and grit rollers and more, you can spend less time operating the printer and more time making money.

Main Features
New EJ INKs and 1-liter cartridges        Rigid new industrial design and dual     Media Feed adjuster, heating system
at dramatically reduced costs               staggered print heads deliver                and take-up system keep pace with
                                                             high-quality, high-volume printing         high-speed production

SOLJET EJ-640 Large Format Digital Printer

More than a job, it’s your reputation coming out of that printer. Which is precisely why the EJ-640 large format digital printer is designed to ensure quality results even at high speeds:

Dual eight-channel piezo inkjet heads house 180 nozzles per channel
 Offset-positioned print heads move in a large print swath for increased production and follow a mirrored pattern to reduce the chance of banding
Advanced media feed allows media to feed through the printer accurately at high speeds
Rigid industrial design ensures quality output
Roland Intelligent Pass Control system controls dot placement between passes, producing exceptional solid colors and photographic image quality
Variable dot control achieves smooth gradations and deep image saturation on a broad range of media

Produce Rich, Vibrant, Durable Color for Less

New, specially formulated, quick-drying EJ INKs produce amazingly brilliant colors. The inks also provide unmatched long-term outdoor durability, scratch and chemical resistance, broad media support and a wide spectrum of color. And the available 1-liter cartridges allow the EJ-640 to run without frequent cartridge changes. Need more? Configure it for dual-CMYK or CMYKLcLmLk for finer details, smoother gradations and more neutral grays.

Configurable to dual-CMYK or CMYKLcLmLk


Free Up More of Your Time.

Because the EJ-640 large format digital printer doesn’t need constant attention, you can concentrate on other important tasks. Here are just a few features that get you through longest print runs:

1-liter ink cartridges                          Support of heavy roll media up to 110 lbs.

Front-mounted take-up unit               Rigid industrial design eliminates vibration for quality printing
                                                                        even at high speeds
Adjustable media feed for accurate    Fully adjustable print heads support various media thicknesses


Enjoy Brilliantly Easy Production with New VersaWorks Dual RIP
A revamped RIP, VersaWorks Dual – included with the
EJ-640 – features a new core engine for better file processing,
including files with transparencies added native PDF support, the
advanced and ease-of-use capabilities that have always made VersaWorks, well, VersaWorks.

Predictive Ink Calculator                                                                                                            
Spot Color Replacement
Built-in Pantone® and Roland Color System Library
Variable data printing
Embedded ICC support ink level adjustment tools
Advanced cropping, tiling and nesting options

Watch Those Print Heads Last Longer

   The EJ-640's three-part wiper system is
     designed to significantly reduce buildup
     around the edges of the  print head,
     decreasing wear and tear and prolonging its life.

Count On a Quick-Dry Finish

The EJ-640 features a built-in heating system,
as well as extended heater and blower which
are available as position to further accelerate
the ink-drying process.

SOLJET EJ-640 Applications


With a 64” media width and
high print speed mode options, the
EJ-640 produces vibrant, colorful banners.


                                                                              The EJ-640 delivers high color density  
                                                                          and exceptional images and text that
                                                                      are last up to three years outdoors
                                                                              without lamination. Choose from a wide
                                                                       range of both coated and uncoated
                                                           media, including backlit film


The EJ-640 produces outstanding
photorealistic poster graphics
regardless of viewing distance. Roland
DG’s state-of-the-art piezo print head
technology creates beautifully smooth,
band-free accurate color on a wide
range of media – even at high print speeds.


                                                       Vehicle Wraps

Exceptional production capability, excellent imaging and unmatched reliability make the EJ-640
outstanding for vehicle graphics applications.

                     Décor and Fine Art

         With variable droplet technology, the
         EJ-640 is generates art and
         photographic reproductions with
         accuracy and brilliant color.



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