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X = New. Different. Innovative.

The X is the beginning of a new era and the culmination of more than 30 years of the German art of engineering by vhf. With our experience and passion for perfection, vhf has created a new generation of machines that literally has it all. 
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Classic Line

Compact and precise
Our established Classic line covers the small to medium sized positioning ranges. Like all vhf milling machines, it is ideally suited for milling, drilling, chamfering, thread milling and engraving. A popular equipment is a high frequency spindle for working especially efficiently with high rotational speeds and smaller tools.

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Active Pro Line

XXL plate processing
Due to its price-performance ratio, the Active Pro line fascinates especially sign makers and shop or exhibition stand constructors as well as industrial customers who want to quickly machine large-format plates.
Our bestseller: 2 x 3 meters.

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Premium line

Premium line
Lastnost, ki jo je potrebno izpostaviti v Premium Line sistemu je odlična stabilnost in močnejše pogonske enote. Izredna togost podnožja dosežena z uporabo panelnih profilov ponuja velike konstruktivne prednosti. Na voljo od 550 x 510mm do 2050 x 3010mm.

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